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    Candidates Nominated for APWU Election of National Officers

    By Apwu133,

    Candidates Nominated for APWU Election of National Officers


    June 17, 2022

    Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth "Liz" Powell has announced that the following union members have been certified as candidates for election to national office by referendum balloting, as mandated by the APWU Constitution and Bylaws.

    Each candidate in this unofficial listing has secured the necessary petitions required for nomination.

    The official list will be announced after the drawing for ballot positions is held on June 27.

    Incumbent officers are listed first and identified by (I) after their names. Where more than one non-incumbent has been certified, they are listed in alphabetical order. A list of uncontested national offices appears at the bottom.

    Any candidate who wishes to withdraw from the ballot or whose name or local is misspelled or identified improperly, must notify APWU Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell immediately. Corrections and notifications must be received by her office in writing by 4 p.m. ET, Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

    Download a printable copy of APWU News Service Bulletin with the list of nominations, here.




    Mark Dimondstein (I), Greater Greensboro SCF Area Local (NC)
    John L. Marcotte, Gaylord Local (MI)

    Legislative/Political Director

    Judy Beard (I), Detroit District Area Local (MI)
    Thomas Benson, Lake Geauga Area Local (OH)

    Human Relations Director

    Daleo Freeman (I), William H. Burrus, Cleveland Area Local, #72 (OH)
    Doris Simmons, Atlanta Metro Area Local (GA)



    Southern Region

    Yared Wonde, Dallas Area Local (TX)
    Sam Wood, Southwest Florida Area Local (FL)



    National Business Agents, Central Region,
    Cincinnati Region, (A)

    Michael D. Schmid (I), Columbus Area Local (OH)
    Mark E. Graham, Springfield Local (OH)

    National Business Agents, Central Region,
    Minneapolis Region, (B)

    Christopher Mark Hendrickson, St. Cloud Area Local (MN)
    Gregory Becker, Milwaukee Area Local (WI)

    National Business Agents, Northeast Region,
    New England Region, (A)

    Scott Adams, Portland Area Local (ME)
    Bill Mazurowski, Hartford Local (CT)
    Thomas S. Smith, Bangor Area Local (ME)

    National Business Agents, Southern Region,
    Atlanta Region, (C)

    Keenan D. Anthony, Sr., Marietta Local (GA)
    William G. Flanagan, Jr., Atlanta Metro Area Local (GA)
    Sandra Munoz Hernandez, Broward County Area Local (FL)


    National Business Agents, Southern Region,
    Dallas Region, (C)

    Diann Scurlark (I), Houston Area Local (TX)
    Alejandro “Alex” Aleman, San Antonio Alamo Area Local (TX)
    Ben Martinez, Fort Worth Area Local (TX)

    National Business Agents, Western Region,
    San Francisco Region, (A)

    Sonia E. Canchola (I), California Area Local (CA)
    Charquita Rainey, Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)

    National Business Agents, Western Region,
    San Francisco Region, (B)

    Shirley J. Taylor (I), East Bay Area Local (CA)
    Mike Hetticher, Eureka Local (CA)

    National Business Agents, Western Region,
    San Francisco Region, (C)

    Eric A. Van Dyke (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)
    Fabiola Dominguez, California Area Local (CA)
    Terry L. Hood, San Diego Area Local (CA)



    National Business Agents, Central Region

    Dave Cook, St. Paul Area Local (MN)
    Mark Krueger, Milwaukee Area Local (WI)

    National Business Agents, Eastern Region

    Garrett C. Langley (I), Lancaster Area Local (PA)
    Raymond J. Scanlon, Baltimore Francis “Stu” Filbey Area Local (MD)
    Brian R. McLaurin, Nation’s Capital Southern MD Area Local (MD)

    National Business Agents, Northeast Region

    Michael Cinelli, Greater Hicksville Mid-Island Area Local (NY)
    Stephen D. Mohan, Greater Hicksville Mid-Island Area Local (NY)
    Rick White, Boston Metro Area Local (MA)




    Arrion Brown, Nation’s Capital Southern MD Area Local (MD)
    Robin “Robbie” Robertson, St. Louis Gateway District Area Local (MO)
    Aaron T. Young, Twin Cities PDC Local (MN)




    Nancy E. Olumekor (I), Nation’s Capital Southern MD Area Local (MD)
    Robert L. Jeffrey, Jr., Oakland Local (CA)


    Retiree National Convention Delegates Southern Region

    Patricia A. McGriff (I), Northeast Florida Retiree Chapter (FL)
    Kim H. Guy, Greater Smokey Mountain Area Local (TN)



    General and Administrative Officers

    Executive Vice President

    Debby Szeredy (I), Mid-Hudson New York Area Local (NY)


    Elizabeth “Liz” Powell (I), Western Nassau New York Area
    Local (NY)

    Industrial Relations Director

    Charles “Charlie” Cash (I), Buffalo Local (NY)

    Organization Director

    Anna Smith (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

    Research and Education Director

    Joyce B. Robinson (I), Richmond Area Local (VA)

    Health Plan Director

    Sarah Jane Rodriguez (I), Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)

    Regional Coordinators

    Central Region

    Sharyn M. Stone (I), Indianapolis Area Local (IN)

    Eastern Region

    AJ Jones (I), Eastern Montgomery County PA Area Local (PA)

    Northeast Region

    Tiffany Foster (I), New York Metro Area Postal Union (NY)

    Western Region

    Omar M. Gonzalez (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)

    Clerk Division


    Lamont A. Brooks (I), The Northern Virginia Area Local (VA)

    Assistant Director (A)

    Sam Lisenbe (I), Fort Worth Area Local (TX)

    Assistant Director, (B)

    Lynn Pallas-Barber (I), 498-499 Area Local (MI)

    National Business Agents, Central Region

    Chicago Region, (A)

    Linda Turney (I), Schaumburg Local (IL)

    Chicago Region, (B)

    Devendra Rathore “D” (I), Fox Valley Local (IL)

    Chicago Region, (C)

    James Stevenson (I), Detroit District Area Local (MI)

    Cincinnati Region, (B)

    Michael W. Funk, Jr. (I), Greater Cincinnati Ohio Area Local (OH)

    Minneapolis Region, (A)

    Todd M. Elkerton (I), Saint Paul Area Local (MN)

    St. Louis Region, (A)

    Robert D. Kessler (I), Greater Kansas City Metro Area Local (MO)

    St. Louis Region, (B)

    Daniel F. Skemp (I), Rapid Area Local (IA)

    Wichita Region, (A)

    Ashley D. Cargill (I), Norman Local (OK)

    National Business Agents, Eastern Region

    Philadelphia Region, (A)

    Robert Romanowski (I), New Jersey Shore Area Local (NJ)

    Philadelphia Region, (B)

    John Louis Jackson, Jr. (I), Philadelphia BMC Local (PA)

    Philadelphia Region, (C)

    Vincent A. Tarducci (I), Philadelphia BMC Local (PA)

    Washington DC Region, (A)

    Rachel A. Walthall (I), Baltimore Francis "Stu" Filbey Area Local (MD)

    Washington DC Region, (B)

    Pamela R. Richardson (I), Lynchburg Area Local (VA)

    National Business Agents, Northeast Region
    New England Region, (B)

    Scott M. Hoffman, Boston Metro Area Local (MA)

    New England Region, (C)

    Thomas “Tom” O'Brien (I), South Shore Area Local (MA)

    New York Region, (A)

    Peter “Pete” Coradi (I), Brooklyn Local (NY)

    New York Region, (B)

    Elizabeth “Liz” Swigert (I), Queens Area Local (NY)

    New York Region, (C)

    Bernard “Bernie” C. Timmerman (I), Central New York Area Local (NY)

    National Business Agents, Southern Region
    Atlanta Region, (A)

    James “Jim” DeMauro (I), Tampa Area Local (FL)

    Atlanta Region, (B)

    Doris Orr-Richardson, Northeast Florida Area Local (FL)

    Dallas Region, (A)

    Jack Crawford (I), Houston Area Local (TX)

    Dallas Region, (B)

    Charles Tillman (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

    Memphis Region, (A)

    Joe H. Jolley, Jr. (I), Nashville Area Local (TN)

    Memphis Region, (B)

    Pamela Smith (I), Birmingham Area Local (AL)

    National Business Agents, Western Region
    Denver Region, (A)

    Lamont Green, Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)

    Denver Region, (B)

    Joseph M. Zamenick, Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)

    Northwest Region, (A)

    Brian Dunsmore (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

    Northwest Region, (B)

    Brian Dunn (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

    San Francisco Region, (D)

    Chuck Locke (I), Sacramento Area Local (CA)

    Maintenance Division


    Idowu Balogun (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)

    Assistant Director, (A)

    Terry B. Martinez (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

    Assistant Director, (B)

    Jason Treier (I), Lancaster Area Local (PA)

    National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
    Central Region, (A)

    Craig Fisher (I), Tri-County Ohio Area Local (OH)

    Central Region, (B)

    Jeffrey Scott Beaton (I), Greater Kansas City Area Local (MO)

    Central Region, (C)

    Curtis Walker (I), Flint Michigan Area Local (MI)

    Eastern Region

    Kenneth Lester (I), Philadelphia PA Local (PA)

    Northeast Region

    Dave Sarnacki (I), Springfield Mass Area Local (MA)

    Southern Region, (A)

    John Gearhard (I), Jacksonville BMC Local (FL)

    Southern Region, (B)

    Carlos Paz (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

    Western Region, (A)

    Hector Baez (I), San Diego Area Local (CA)

    Western Region, (B)

    Louis M. Kingsley (I), California Area Local (CA)

    Motor Vehicle Service Division


    Michael O. Foster (I), Detroit District Area Local (MI)

    Assistant Director

    Kenneth (Ken) Prinz (I), Philadelphia PA Area Local (PA)

    National Business Agents, Motor Vehicle Service Division
    Southern Region, Southeast Sub-Region

    Bruce E. Amey (I), Atlanta Metro Area Local (GA)

    Southern Region, Southwest Sub-Region

    Dyrike Shaw (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

    Western Region

    Jerome A. Pittman (I), San Francisco Local (CA)

    All-Craft National Business Agents

    Alaskan Area

    James M. Patarini (I), Midnight Sun Area Local (AK)

    Caribbean Area

    Samuel A. Hernandez Algarin, Puerto Rico Area Local (PR)

    Pacific Area

    Rufina J. Pagaduan (I), Honolulu Local (HI)

    Support Services Division

    Support Services Division, National Business Agent

    Orlando L. Anderson, St. Louis Gateway District Area Local (MO)

    Retiree National Convention Delegates

    Central Region

    Paul Browning (I), Traverse City Area Local (MI)

    Eastern Region

    Cynthia Nesmith, Philadelphia Area Local Retiree Chapter (PA)

    Northeast Region

    Leona Draper (I), New York Metro Area Postal Union (NY)

    Western Region

    Patricia Ann Williams (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local 64 Retiree Chapter (CA)

    Don't Let the Postal Service check Your "Pulse!"

    By Apwu133,

    Don't Let the Postal Service check Your "Pulse!"



    Starting June 14 through July 15 2022, the USPS is pushing its annual Postal Pulse Survey. The APWU leadership urges you to not let the Postal Service take your Pulse! Management surveys have been used as a weapon against the APWU during contract negotiations while not producing any real positive change for employees at the Postal Service.

    Through notification from the Postal Service, APWU has learned the 2022 version of the survey removes the comment section and also asks the employee to recommend the Postal Service as an employer and rate its products/services. Nowhere in this survey is there a disclaimer that it is voluntary. Regardless of pressure from supervisors or managers, letter correspondence, excessive emails, or other tactics, employees are not required to participate in this survey. APWU urges you to not participate.

    The USPS Postal Pulse Survey of 2021 showed us nothing that we didn’t already know. Management continues to ignore your most pressing concerns: worker morale, lack of positive recognition, health and safety concerns, and lack of career growth. Our right to collectively bargain, fight for better wages and safer workplaces begins postal workers standing together in their union.

    Stay united, and don’t be fooled by management’s tricks created to divide us. Over years of struggle, we’ve won a negotiated grievance process, a labor-management cooperation process and national negotiations to address workplace issues. These are the proper channels for management to seek input from postal workers, not a management survey put together without any input from the APWU or the other postal unions.

    Don’t let them take your “Pulse!”


    Just say no! to the Postal Pulse. Financial Health Warning: Management has a history of trying to use survey results to limit and lower wages for postal workers

    IT-AS Tentative Agreement Announcement

    By Apwu133,

    IT-AS Tentative Agreement Announcement


    May 24, 2022

    The American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO and the U.S. Postal Service have reached a tentative agreement for the Information Technology/Accounting Services (IT/AS) collective bargaining agreement, announced Support Services Director, and lead negotiator, Steve Brooks. The agreement will be a 36- month agreement which will end May 2025. It has been a while since this group has achieved a full-term contract so we will not have to turn around quickly and negotiate again. 

    “The parties negotiated diligently over the past couple of months and worked well together to make changes to several areas of the CBA which will open opportunities for our members. The changes agreed to will provide our members the opportunity to advance their careers in higher level positions.” stated Director Brooks.

    The parties came to an agreement on the work rules on Thursday May 19, 2022, but economic issues were still being discussed. Discussions on the economic issues intensified but were verbally finalized late in the evening.

    “The economic discussions bogged down, and it did not look like we were going to get this done by May 20th. The negotiations got a little heated, but we knew that the proposals we put across were necessary to preserve and grow our bargaining unit.” Director Brooks said. He went on to say, “We knew that the offers we made were fair, reasonable, and actually would benefit the Postal Service as much as our membership.”

    This agreement would not have been reached without the efforts of Industrial Relations Director, Charlie Cash. As a result of his patience, and tenacity we achieved much of what we had desired. The senior staff of the Industrial Relations Department also provided invaluable advice, support, and input throughout the negotiations process—especially in the final hours of discussions.

    The new terms will be put together into contract format and sent to the membership for review and a ratification vote. Closer to the time the ratification packets are sent out, Virtual Town Hall meetings will be scheduled where members can participate, hear the details of the agreement, and ask questions.

    Here is a summary of the terms.   

    • There will be changes to the Functional Areas. Although the various work sections will remain as they are currently under both the IT and Accounting units the employees that perform those duties will not have to physically be in the Center that those duties are assigned. In other words, you can bid on a promotional opportunity in another facility and not have to physically move as a condition of accepting the position. The same will be true for lateral reassignments.
      • Implementation of this new process will require changes to Article 30 Local implementation, 37 Seniority, 38 Postings, 39 Transfers, and 40 Reassignments.  
    • TACS duties will now be assigned to the bargaining unit on the IT side instead of management performing those duties.
    • Career Development/reimbursement will remain in place with the dollar limitations increasing to $5000 on the IT side and $3000 on the Accounting side.
    • We will retain our 10/4 work schedule opportunities.
    • With Telework being possibly the most important item to IT/AS employees, there will be a pilot hybrid telework provision:
      • Employees will be able to telework 3 days per week for employees on an 8/5 schedule, and 2 days per week for employees on a 10/4 work schedule.
      • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was reached to allow employees to continue teleworking under the COVID-19 Telework agreements during the ratification process.
    • There will be 3 General increases over this contract period.
      • 1.3% January 2023   
      • 1.3% January 2024
      • 1% January 2025. There is a caveat that if the main APWU receives a GI higher than 1% our unit will receive the 1% plus the additional over 1%.
    • Retain the “full” COLA with a March 2022 index base. The APWU is the only union still to receive “full” COLA. This is especially important during these times of high inflation.
    • Our Health Benefits percentage will remain as is.
    • The Postal Service will be required to post/fill 50 additional Programmer positions.
    • There will be 5 additional Level 18 IT Service Desk positions.

    As the ratification process moves forward, dates and times of the Virtual Town Hall Meetings will be posted on the website for members to register and attend. At these meetings members will be able hear further details of the terms of the tentative agreement and ask questions.


    APWU & USPS Reach Verbal Tentative Agreement on IT/AS

    By Apwu133,

    APWU & USPS Reach Verbal Tentative Agreement on IT/AS


    May 20, 2022

    The APWU and the Postal Service verbally reached a tenative agremeent for the IT/AS bargaining unit on May 20, 2022. Further details of the tentative agreement will be released on Monday, May 23, 2022. With the agreement having been reached, the COVID-19 telework arrangements currently in place will continue while the tentative agreement goes through the APWU ratification process. 

    Bulk Mail and Mailing Requirements Clerk Qualification Position MOU Extended

    By Apwu133,

    Bulk Mail and Mailing Requirements Clerk Qualification Position MOU Extended


    May 6, 2022

    On May 6, 2022, Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks and the Postal Service agreed to extend the MOU, Re: Bulk Mail and Mailing Requirement Clerk Position Qualification. The extension will continue through November 4, 2022. The parties had originally agreed to the MOU on April 3, 2020 in order to provide a virtual learning and OJT program for Bulk Mail Techs and Mailing Requirement Clerks (MRCs) “at the location where the Bulk Mail Tech or MRC position is located”.

                The MOU further states, “The parties at the National Level will review the in-person training program offered at the National Center for Employee Development (NCED), including the material content and schedule”. Both parties will not only be able to review the training program but will also compare the training with the actual duties performed in these jobs to ensure Bulk Mail Techs and MRCs are receiving the appropriate training commensurate with their position descriptions.

                The MOU also states, “This agreement is without prejudice to the positions of the parties on any issue and shall not be cited in any dispute resolution proceedings, except for the purpose of enforcing its terms”.

                Clerk Craft Director Brooks stated, “I want to thank Assistant Directors Lynn Pallas-Barber and Sam Lisenbe for their hard work on these important issues”.

    The extension of the MOU is linked with this article for easier access.

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