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APWU 133


    By Apwu133,





    The Charleston WV Area Local #133 will be conducting the Regular Monthly Meeting for February 20, 2021 @ 8:00 AM.



    According to the Charleston, West Virginia Area Local #133,

    Constitutional By-Laws at the March 20, 2021 Regular Monthly Meeting @ 7:00 PM. We will be taking nominations for Delegates to the State Convention for April 29, 2021- May 1, 2021 which will be held by Zoom conferencing.



    The meeting will be held at 711 Bigley Ave.

    Charleston, WV 25302



    There will be a $25.00 door prize.

    The bonus drawing is $250.00.




    Regular Monthly Minutes

    By Apwu133,


    Charleston Area Local #133

    Regular Monthly Minutes

    January 16, 2021






     Opening of Meeting

     Craig Brown called meeting to order at 7:00 PM, Saturday, January,16 2021.

     Allegiance to Flag

     Melissa Monday led the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Officers Present

     Vice President – Craig Brown Secretary – Susan Swiney Clerk Craft Director – Tim Thompson

    Assistant Clerk Craft Dir. - Amy Haga Motor Vehicle Craft Dir.- Melissa Monday Editor – Chris Smith Assit. Safety Dir.- Doug Butler Organizer – Tiffany Copley

     There were 12 members present.

     Reading of Minutes

     Susan Swiney read the monthly minutes for November 2020.

    Motion to accept the minutes for November as corrected was made by Doug Butler.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed

     Treasurer's Report

     Craig Brown read the Treasurer's Report for December 2020 and yearly report for January- December 2020.

    Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for December 2020 and yearly report for January- December 2020 as read was made by Chris Smith.

    Seconded by Doug Butler

    Motion Passed

    Bills and Communications

     Craig Brown read the following bills and communications.

     Zoom Workshops:

    (Must be registered by Monday January 25,2021.)


    o    Protecting Clerk Craft work in Small offices Tuesday February 2, 2021 from 1pm-5pm.

    o    Basic Steward Training Thursday February 4, 2021 from 10am-3pm.

    o    Representing PSEs in the clerk craft Tuesday February 9, 2021 1pm-5pm.

    o    Basic Steward Training Thursday February 11, 2021 1pm-6pm.

    o    Large Office issues Thursday February 18, 2021 1pm-5pm.

    o    Executive Office Training Tuesday February 23, 2021 1pm-6pm.

    o    Disability and Retirement Thursday February 25, 2021 1pm-5pm.



    New Members


    Travis Mobley

    Amanda Guthrie

    Brandon Guzman

    Laci Jarrell

    Lily Crist

    Daniel Hudson

    Mathew Drake

    William Stover

    Seth Allman

    Kasee Bennett

    Ethan Hamilton

    Angela Johnston

    Cara Elswick

    Jason Baldwin

    Catlyn McClung




    Drop Outs


     Chris Smith made a motion to suspend order of business.

    Seconded by Doug Butler.

     Election Committee

     Bob Redman read the election results for 2021 as follows:



    APWU Local 133




    Craig Brown                                                115 Votes

    Daniel Gravley                                           62 Votes


    Vice President

    Kayla Cuppy                                               69 Votes

    Doug Butler                                                  107 Votes



    Chris Smith                                                  128 Votes

    Paula Barker-Harless                          45 Votes



    Donna Acord                                               31 Votes

    Dan Akers                                                      49 Votes

    Rita Jackson                                               92 Votes


    Maintenance Craft Director

    Joey Christian                                           15 Votes

    Danny Clark                                                 45 Votes


    VMF Craft Director

    Logan Scott                                                 2 Votes

    Melissa Monday                                       2 Votes


    Motion to accept the election results for 2021 as read was made by Chris Smith.

    Seconded by Doug Butler.

    Motion Passed

    Special Committees

     Installation Dinner and swearing in officers to be determined.

     Standing Committees


    Unfinished Business


     New Business

     Chris Smith made a motion for the Clerk Craft Director and Maintenance Craft Director to send up to 3 Stewards each to the Zoom Training for the Basic stewards training on 11th from 1pm-6pm. Paying lost time for 8 hours.

    Seconded by Bob Redman.

    Motion Passed

     Doug Butler made a motion to send the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer to the Executive Office Training on February 23rd from 1pm-6pm paying loss time for 8 hours.

    Seconded by Tim Thompson.

    Motion Passed

     Tim Thompson made a motion to discontinue paying Paula Barker-Harless' $60.00 a month for her bill.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed

     Danny Clark made a motion to put a small printer in the small union office at the plant spending up to $300.00.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed

     Open Forum

     Need another election for the VMF Craft Director position.

     Amy Haga made a motion to go back to New Business.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed

     Cont. New Business

     Amy Haga made a motion to pay up to 40 hours of lost time Chris Smith, Craig Brown, and Doug Butler to go to United Bank, City National Bank, safety deposit box, credit union, get credit cards.

    Seconded by Susan Swiney.

    Motion Passed

     Tim Thompson made a motion to pay loss time for up to 8 hours for Clerk Craft Director, Maintenance Craft Director, and 1 person of their choosing to clean up the files in the office.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed

     Cont. Open Forum

     Tiffany Copley having issues getting grievance numbers downtown discussed about possibly putting them on OneDrive.

     Chris Smith and Tim Thompson looking into the online grievance log as a possibility for the future.


    Motion to adjourn was made by Chris Smith.

    Seconded by Tim Thompson.

    Motion Passed


     The $25.00 door prize winner Susan Swiney.

     The $250.00 bonus number was 125, James Dorsey, who was not present.

    The next Union Meeting will be held on March 20, 2021, at 8:00 AM.


     Respectfully Submitted,

     Eustacia Wriston, Secretary, APWU Local #133


    APWU 133 Election Results

    By Apwu133,


    Craig Brown 115 votes

    Daniel Gravley 62 votes

    2 No votes

    Vice President:

    Doug Butler 107 votes

    Kayla Cuppy 69 votes

    3 No votes


    Chris Smith 128 votes

    Paula Barker-Harless 45 votes

    6 No votes

    Maintenance Craft Director:

    Danny Clark 45 votes

    Joey Christian 15 votes

    Motor Vehicle Craft Director:

    Melissa Monday 2 votes

    Logan Scott 2 votes


    Rita Jackson 92 votes

    Dan Akers 49 votes

    Donna Acord 31 votes

    7 No votes

    Major Agreement Reached on Function 1 “Mail Processing” Staffing.

    By Apwu133,

    Postal Management and the American Postal Workers Union signed a major Memorandum of Understanding to help address the chronic understaffing at mail processing facilities throughout much of the country.

    Under the terms of the new agreement, over 5,500 new career positions will be created at 192 installations. The number of career positions will vary by installation based on management’s determination. 5,524 PSEs will be converted to career status as soon as possible, but no later than March 13, 2021.

    As a transition to the creation of the new career positions and PSE conversions, combined with the severe backlog of mail and packages, the APWU has agreed to extend the period where management can retain “peak season” PSEs above the PSE cap.

    “This is a major breakthrough and a great way to bring in the New Year, said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “The Union has consistently been raising staffing shortage problems. Postal management has finally gotten the message and we appreciate that this agreement will take pressure off the current “Function 1” workforce, better the lives of over 5,500 PSEs and enable postal workers to better serve postal customers.”

    Full Article

    APWU Ol' Timer: Support Postal Workers and a Public US Postal Service

    By Apwu133,

    Longtime APWU Retiree, Byron Denton, age 92, was a postal worker. As an old timer, he has experienced some tough times, but nothing compared to the hardships faced by today's postal workers. They have delivered through an unprecedented global pandemic and they deserve support. Show you will stand with postal workers and a public US Postal Service: sign the petition to #SaveThePostOffice www.apwu.org/petition


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