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  2. Union Contract Survey - Let Your Voice Be Heard! Tell us your bargaining priorities for the upcoming Contract Negotiations Fill out your survey
  3. Charleston Area Local #133 Important Announcement February 2, 2021 ATTENTION MEMBERS The following members have been appointed to the vacant positions following the 2021 Charleston WV Area Local #133 election: • Daniel Gravley- Assistant Maintenance Craft Director • Joey Christian- Safety Director • Kayla Cuppy- Editor
  4. ATTENTION MEMBERS The Charleston WV Area Local #133 will be conducting the Regular Monthly Meeting for February 20, 2021 @ 8:00 AM. According to the Charleston, West Virginia Area Local #133, Constitutional By-Laws at the March 20, 2021 Regular Monthly Meeting @ 7:00 PM. We will be taking nominations for Delegates to the State Convention for April 29, 2021- May 1, 2021 which will be held by Zoom conferencing. The meeting will be held at 711 Bigley Ave. Charleston, WV 25302 There will be a $25.00 door prize.
  5. Charleston Area Local #133 Regular Monthly Minutes January 16, 2021 ATTENTIONS: PLEASE POST ON APWU BULLETIN BOARD Opening of Meeting Craig Brown called meeting to order at 7:00 PM, Saturday, January,16 2021. Allegiance to Flag Melissa Monday led the Pledge of Allegiance. Officers Present Vice President – Craig Brown Secretary – Susan Swiney Clerk Craft Director – Tim Thompson Assistant Clerk Craft Dir. - Amy Haga Motor Vehicle Craft Dir.- Melissa Monday Editor – Chris Smith Assit. Safety Dir.- Doug Butler Organi
  6. President: Craig Brown 115 votes Daniel Gravley 62 votes 2 No votes Vice President: Doug Butler 107 votes Kayla Cuppy 69 votes 3 No votes Treasurer: Chris Smith 128 votes Paula Barker-Harless 45 votes 6 No votes Maintenance Craft Director: Danny Clark 45 votes Joey Christian 15 votes Motor Vehicle Craft Director: Melissa Monday 2 votes Logan Scott 2 votes Trustees: Rita Jackson 92 votes Dan Akers 49 votes Donna Acord 31 votes 7 No votes
  7. Postal Management and the American Postal Workers Union signed a major Memorandum of Understanding to help address the chronic understaffing at mail processing facilities throughout much of the country. Under the terms of the new agreement, over 5,500 new career positions will be created at 192 installations. The number of career positions will vary by installation based on management’s determination. 5,524 PSEs will be converted to career status as soon as possible, but no later than March 13, 2021. As a transition to the creation of the new career positions and PSE conversions, com
  8. Longtime APWU Retiree, Byron Denton, age 92, was a postal worker. As an old timer, he has experienced some tough times, but nothing compared to the hardships faced by today's postal workers. They have delivered through an unprecedented global pandemic and they deserve support. Show you will stand with postal workers and a public US Postal Service: sign the petition to #SaveThePostOffice www.apwu.org/petition
  9. The APWU Health Plan has been serving America’s postal and federal workers and retirees for more than 60 years. See APWU Health Plan 2021 Benefits. Open Season runs from the Monday of the second full work week in November 9 through the Monday December 14. All federal and postal employees and retirees who are eligible to enroll in the FEHB Program may become member
  10. Union Member Benefits Insurance APWU Health Plans Learn about the differences between the two health plans so you can choose the one that meets your needs. High Option Consumer Driven - available to PSE's after one year of service The Voluntary Benefits Plan provides voluntary insurance benefits designed especially for APWU members. It offers disability, life, dental, hospital indemnity, automobile insurance, as well as numerous other programs. AFLAC Specified Health Event and Cancer Insurance These comprehensive, affordable benefits, made availabl
  11. "When you respond to the 2020 Census, you help inform how billions of dollars in federal funding flows into communities across West Virginia,including money for schools, hospitals and health clinics, roads, public transportation, and other vital services. Unfortunately, West Virginia has one of the lowest 2020 Census response rates in the country. If we don’t respond to the Census, we will miss out on important federal funds that make our communities stronger. Every person in West Virginia that does not respond to the Census equates to $20,000 lost in federal funds for West Virginia and our co
  12. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our daily lives, including how Americans and West Virginians will be able to vote this year. The 2020 election is quickly approaching and West Virginians need access to accurate, reliable information on how to vote during these unprecedented times. This week I launched a voting resource page that compiles accurate facts on how to register to vote, polling locations, requesting an absentee ballot and more. Every eligible West Virginian should exercise their right to vote and have their voice heard this fall.
  13. A Free New Benefit for APWU Members We are excited to announce that The Voluntary Benefits Plan will now be offering all APWU members discounts through The LifeBalance Program. This new program is available to all Active, PSE, Retiree and Associate APWU members. With LifeBalance, you and
  14. Welcome to Our 2020 APWU Health Plan Virtual Open Season Health Fairs! As the coronavirus continues to impact families nationwide, the Health Plan wants to be sensitive to the COVID-19 risks related to work, travel, and social distancing. While in person health fairs are being canceled, we wanted to give your employees an opportunity to meet with APWU Health Plan staff virtually. Postal, Federal, and Retirees who are eligible for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program can access and attend our virtual health fairs safely online. During Open Season
  15. We want to thank Senator Joe Manchin, Doug Skaff Jr, Sen Corey Palumbo, and Ben Salango for visiting the Charleston WV Post Office and them calling for protection of the USPS #SaveThePostOffice
  16. With the election nearing and many parts of the U.S. in the grips of COVID-19, mail-in ballots have become a prominent issue. But President Trump has disparaged both the U.S. Postal Service and the integrity of voting by mail. What effect could his criticism have? William Brangham talks to Mark Dimondstein of the American Postal Workers Union and then Spencer Cox, lieutenant governor of Utah.
  17. Washington, DC – U.S. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Gary Peters (D-MI), today introduced the Protect Our Services Today (POST) Act which mandates that the U.S. Postal Services cannot close any post office facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, Senator Manchin asked Postmaster General DeJoy for clarification on reported post office closures across West Virginia and received assurances there would be no closures at this time. However, USPS did inform Senator Manchin that an ongoing review was underway which could significantly reduce facility operations throughout the Appalachi
  18. Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) asked the U.S. Postmaster General DeJoy for clarification on the reported closure of post offices and reduction in hours at additional post offices across West Virginia. The Senator said in part, “I am receiving troubling reports from West Virginians that there are numerous post office locations in my state and across the nation that are scheduled for imminent closure or significant reduction in hours and services. Yesterday, there were signs hung in some of these locations announcing their proposed closure with an effective d
  19. Our movement is growing. Together we can save the Post Office and convince lawmakers to do their jobs! Multiple bills have been introduced in the House and the Senate that would provide $25 billion in COVID-19 related relief for the Postal Service. But the clock is ticking and we mustn't run out of time. The Senate will return from recess soon. We need to push even harder to get them to vote to end this crisis. We are planning to put in 10,000 calls to Congress on July 23. Will you join us on this critical call-in day of action?? Sign Up!
  20. Take time to thank your local postal worker. Encourage others to get the word out and to focus on making every postal worker’s day just a little bit better. #NationalPostalWorkerDay
  21. TSP loan options for COVID-19-affected participants now available TSP participants affected by COVID-19 (as defined by the CARES Act, P.L. 116-136) may now apply for a TSP general purpose loan with an increased maximum loan amount. These participants may also temporarily suspend payments on TSP loans they currently have and on loans taken between now and November 30, 2020. The deadline for applying for a loan with an increased maximum is September 18, 2020. The deadline for requesting suspens
  22. APWU Health Plan COVID-19 Coverage Enhancements As we work together to slow down the spread of COVID 19, our lives continue to evolve and change in ways we could have never expected. The APWU Health Plan will continue to evaluate coverage enhancements as a result of COVID-19. Because the spread of the virus has slowed down considerably, we are removing the inpatient prior authorization wavier. Initially, the Health Plan wanted to remove this administrative burden as hospitals were overwhelmed. As we get back to the new “normal,” authorizations should be obtained. For the most up
  23. With parks currently closed the bi-annual Apwu #133 picnic will be postponed. If feasible the picnic will be rescheduled for September or October.
  24. Update on CARES Act temporary loan and withdrawal options The CARES Act allows us to offer temporary loan and withdrawal options to TSP participants affected by COVID-19. We are working as quickly as possible to add these options to our system so you can count on efficient processing of these requests. You can check this webpage for updates about these options and when they will be available to you. We will post the next update by May 15, 2020.
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