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APWU 133

    AFL-CIO Labor Day Celebration - WV Power Park 2021

    By Apwu133,

    Union Members Mark Your Calendar - September 4, 2021

    WV Power Park - 601 Morris Street, Charleston, WV 25301

    Free for Union Members & There Famalies 

    Gametime 7:05 pm

    Tickets to the Game (Limit 4)

    Picnic Before the Game (6:00 pm)

    Fireworks After the Game

    For Tickets contact Dena at the West Virginia AFL-CIO

    304-344-3557 or dfields@wvaflcio.org



    Contract Zoom Town Hall

    By Apwu133,


    COLA For Employees Covered by the National Agreement

    By Apwu133,

    In July, the final month of the six-month adjustment period for the sixth COLA under the 2018 Agreement, the CPI-W Unadjusted Index (1967=100) rose from last month to 797.661; an increase over the January 2021 index point upon which employees received the last COLA. 

    As a result of the rise in index level, the following COLA adjustment will be applied to each step of the basic annual salary for all employees covered under the 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement effective August 28, 2021 (pay period 19-2021, pay date September 17, 2021).

    The sixth COLA under the 2018 National Agreement will be $1,935.00:

    Monthly Tracking


    Per Annum


    Per Pay Period


    Cents Per Hour


    Under the 2018 National Agreement, employees accrued the following adjustments totaling $3,349.00:



    Effective Date

    Pay Period

    Pay Date



    March 2, 2019


    March 22, 2019



    August 31, 2019


    September 20, 2019



    February 29, 2020


    March 20, 2020



    August 29, 2020


    September 18, 2020



    February 27, 2021


    March 19, 2021



    August 28, 2021


    September 17, 2021

    Negotiations Update

    By Apwu133,

    With our current union contract expiring on September 20, 2021, the APWU and postal management have now been engaged in negotiations for more than five weeks.

    The APWU National Negotiating Committee consists of President Mark Dimondstein, Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy, Secretary/Treasurer Liz Powell, Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman, Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks, Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun, Motor Vehicle Services Director Michael Foster, and Support Services Craft Director Stephen Brooks. The Negotiations Committee is meeting weekly, at minimum, to plan, refine proposals and develop strategy.  In addition, the Craft Directors met individually with Lead Negotiator President Dimondstein and Chief Spokesperson Director Zimmerman to coordinate efforts. Many other officers and staff are also working diligently with research and planning. Throughout the process, the Negotiations Committee has kept the National Executive Board and Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee apprised on the process and developments of negotiations.

    Proposals Exchanged

    Generally, at this stage of early negotiations we are focused on proposals addressing work rules, working conditions, and workforce structure. Later in the negotiations process, the economic provisions (wage increases, COLA, step increases, etc.) will be proposed and discussed. To date, the APWU has submitted 86 proposals and management has submitted six proposals for discussion and negotiation. The union proposals include 44 craft proposals covering the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Services, and Support Services crafts and 42 general article proposals. These include numerous proposals to protect job security and work opportunities, increase career opportunities and improve conditions of work.

    The APWU will submit additional proposals over the coming month, including our wage and financial package.

    Main Table Meetings

    Since negotiations opened on June 22, 2021, there have been eight “Main Table” meetings between the APWU and postal management, where proposals are exchanged and assigned to various negotiators or to the craft tables for further discussion and development. 

    Each APWU craft is conducting at least weekly meetings with their counterparts at the Postal Service. In addition, Director Zimmerman meets regularly with the Postal Service Chief Spokesperson on the general article proposals that are not currently assigned other negotiators or to the craft tables. Lead negotiator, President Mark Dimondstein, also meets regularly with the Deputy Postmaster General discussing the overall picture of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

    Lock Down Starts Sept. 7

    The parties are currently planning to “lock down” in the same location for a week of negotiations beginning September 7, 2021. Each day will consist of intense main table negotiations, craft tables, and any other sub-committees where the parties agree to work on the various proposals. 

    If an agreement is not reached by the September 20, 2021 expiration of the CBA, the parties will begin to move towards interest arbitration. An APWU team consisting of national officers, attorneys, and staff members is preparing for interest arbitration at the same time negotiations are ongoing. Furthermore, negotiations can continue beyond the expiration of the contract even while preparing for interest arbitration. It is always best for the parties to reach a voluntary agreement rather than have an arbitration panel impose new wages, hours, and working conditions. 

    “The core committee and other craft officers are diligently working to negotiate a contract that recognizes the hard work and dedication the employees represented by the APWU show each day, shared Director Zimmerman. “We are working together to get you the good contract you deserve.”

    “On behalf of the members, I thank the negotiating team and everyone involved with the negotiations process for all their hard work and cooperation as we march together in the battle for a good new contract,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “Our strength at the negotiating table derives from the activity and unity of the members, so keep sending the message from the workroom floor to postal headquarters – ‘Union Strong, All Day Long!’”

    July Regular Monthly Meeting

    By Apwu133,







    The Charleston WV Area Local #133 will be conducting the Regular Monthly Meeting for August 21, 2021 @ 8:00 AM.





    The meeting will be held at 711 Bigley Ave.

    Charleston, WV 25302



    There will be an election for the legislative director at this meeting,



    There will be a $25.00 door prize.

    The bonus drawing is $300.00.

















    Charleston Area Local #133

    Regular Monthly Minutes

    July 17, 2021





    Opening of Meeting


    Craig Brown called meeting to order at 8:00 AM, Saturday, April 17, 2021.


    Allegiance to Flag


    Bob Redman  led the Pledge of Allegiance.


    Officers Present


    President – Craig Brown Vice President – Doug Butler Treasurer – Chris Smith  Assistant Clerk Craft Dir. - Amy Haga. Assistant Maint. Craft Director- Daniel Gravley Safety Director- Joey Christian

    Organizer Director - Tiffany Copley AO Coordinator – Josh Snyder – Legislative Director – Bob Redman


    There were 9 members present.


    Reading of Minutes


    Craig Brown read the monthly minutes for April 2021.

    Motion to accept the minutes for April 2021 as read was made by Bob Redman.

    Seconded by Chris Smith.

    Motion Passed


    Treasurer's Report


    Chris Smith read the Treasurer's Report for April 2021, May 2021, June 2021.

    Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for for April 2021, May 2021, June 2021 as read was made by Amy Haga.

    Seconded by Bob Redman.

    Motion Passed


    Bills and Communications


    Doug Butler read the following bills and communications.


    Letter about Tri-State convention to be held  September 17&18 via Zoom.

    Letter from WV AFL-CIO regarding charity dinner.

    Letter from APWU regarding Presidents conference.

    Letter from WV AFL-CIO regarding charity golf tournament.

    Letter from President Mark Dimondstein  

    Letter from APWU health department regarding on-line health fair..

    Letter from Liz Powell regarding dues increase.











    New Members


    Jennifer Massey

    Pam Dunlap

    Robert Ludwig

    Carrie Florence






    Standing Committees


    1. Article XVI section 4. – Passed 9-0



    Unfinished Business




    New Business


    Josh Snyder made a motion to accept the merger with Glasgow APO and its RNPO’s

    Seconded by Chris Smith

    Motion Passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay lost time to Craig Brown, Tim Thompson, Doug Butler, Amy Haga, and Chris Smith for attending clerk training via zoom May 4.

    Seconded by Chris Smith

    Motion Passed



    Doug Butler made a motion to pay the building corp. $2,000 for maintenance and taxes.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to spend up to $8,000 on t-shirts for the members.

    Seconded by Tiffany Copley

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to spend up to $28,500 to purchase hoodies for the members.

    Seconded by Chris Smith

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to spend up to $2,200 on computer desk chair and equipment for the main office union office.

    Seconded my Tiffany Copley

    Motion passed



    Doug Butler made a motion to Craig Brown 8 hours for final transfer of all documents from the CPA to the local.

    Seconded by Chris Smith

    Motion passed



    Doug Butler made a motion to pay Melissa Monday lost time to attend VMF zoom meeting on June 3.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to send President Craig Brown to the Presidents conference Oct 2-4 at full expense.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay up to $3,000 to purchase union liability insurance.

    Seconded by Amy Haga

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay 2 people 8 hours to install new desk and computer at the downtown union office,

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay Craig Brown 8 hours to attend maintenance labor management meeting July 1.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay the President, VP, Treasurer lost time for fiduciary training via zoom for dates 8-11, 9-8, 10-14, 11-10, 12-8.

    Seconded by Bob Redman


    Doug Butler made a motion pay Craig Brown and Chris Smith for lost time 1187 zoom training July 19.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Doug Butler made a motion to pay $1,500 for a charity dinner table for 10 people being held by AFL-CIO.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    President passes gavel to VP


    Craig Brown makes a motion to pay 40 hours of lost time each to Craig Brown and Josh Snyder to visit AO’s.


    VP passes gavel back to President.


    Amy Haga made a motion to change the September union meeting date from the 18th to the 11th.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Chris Smith made a motion to send all officers, stewards, and alternate stewards to the tri-state zoom conference on September 17 & 18.  To pay lost time.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion passed


    Open Forum


    T-shirts were discussed for new members and the process for handing out the new t-shirts and hoodies.








    Motion to adjourn was made by Chris Smith.

    Seconded by Bob Redman

    Motion Passed



    The $25.00 door prize winner Tiffany Copley.



    The $275.00 bonus number was 357. Ray Rivera, who was not present.



    The next Union Meeting will be held on August 21, 2021, at 8:00 am.




    Respectfully Submitted,


    Eustacia Wriston, Secretary, APWU Local #133

    April1.pdf June 1.pdf May2.pdf April2.pdf June2.pdf May1.pdf

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