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APWU 133

Salary Projections


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How Much is an APWU Salary Projected to Increase through

September 20, 2024?


Based on salary in effect on August 28, 2021 and using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Congressional Budget office that is compiled and analyzed by an independent economist hired by the APWU.


Under the 2021-2024 agreement the average salary increase including general increases and COLAs will be 11.9% across all Grades and Steps


All Grades and Steps will receive three 1.3% general wage increases.


This 1.3% will be 1.3% of the wage for the Grade and Step pay in effect on September 20, 2021 (i.e., the August 28, 2021 pay scale). The pay scale the 1.3% will be calculated on will be included in the tentative agreement booklet included in the ratification packet.


On Average, Salaries will Increase in Each Grade as Shown Below


• Grade 3 Salaries will increase by $6,257 or 13.0%

• Grade 4 Salaries will increase by $6,302 or 12.7%

• Grade 5 Salaries will increase by $6,464 or 12.0%

• Grade 6 Salaries will increase by $6,539 or 11.7%

• Grade 7 Salaries will increase by $6,620 or 11.5%

• Grade 8 Salaries will increase by $7,635 or 13.2%

o Bottom 6 steps eliminated; new top step added

• Grade 9 Salaries will increase by $6,956 or 10.4%

• Grade 10 Salaries will increase by $7,124 or 10.0%

• Grade 11 Salaries will increase by $8,924 or 12.3%

o New salaries established by increasing base wage prior to any increases occurring


The APWU pay package will also continue to protect against inflation.


Should inflation continue on a track that is higher than the current projected track, COLA increases will be larger than what has been currently projected.




There are 174 different Grades and Step combinations in the APWU. It is not feasible to list them all here.

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