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APWU 133

APWU 133 members petition to get public meeting time change.


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APWU 133 members, 
As you are aware, the public meeting is set for January 30 at 2:30PM in Charleston WV re: the Processing and Distribution facility.  The time of 2:30 in the afternoon was picked on purpose to limit the publics opposition to the proposed changes here, since most are at their respective place of employment.  Other facilities have been successful in moving the time, in opposition of the one presented by the Postal Service with the help of their elected officials and the public. 
We have reached out to Senator's Manchin and Capito, Congresswoman Carol Miller, Gov Justice, Charleston Mayor Goodwin, South Charleston Mayor Mullins and the Kanawha Co Commision requesting they support our opposition of the time and request it to be changed.
We have reached out to the Charleston Civic Center to ensure that the same meeting place the Postal Service has reserved for 2:30 is available at 6:00 that evening, and it is.  Changing this time will allow resident's the opportunity to voice their opinion on the matter, thus giving the Postal Service adequate information to make the appropriate decision, as they have stated since day one. 
Please email:  sean.p.hargadon@usps.gov and request that the meeting time be changed to allow the public the opportunity to attend.
With our members, the public and our elected officials, we can change the future of this facility.
Thank you,
Tim Holstein
Vice President
APWU Local 133
Charleston, WV 
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