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Our number one priority during the Coronavirus pandemic is keeping members safe.

It’s clear that the White House is withholding the funding that the USPS needs for safe and sustainable operations during this crisis.

It’s so clear that the crisis at the Postal Service has now hit the headlines. Congress needs to hear from you!

The White House refused relief for the Postal Service in the last stimulus and Congress left us out of the bill.

Without immediate relief, the Postal Service could run out of cash by summer.

Our jobs, our pensions and the vital service we provide is at risk.

Big corporations are lobbying against the Postal Service because they want to boost their profits. We need to make sure that Congress hears us instead.

That’s why you need to send a message to Congress.

Congress needs to provide urgent funding in the next stimulus for the Postal Service to keep the country moving through the crisis. Everything is on the line and your voice can make the difference.

Send them a message today: Tell them to provide the resources we need!

In solidarity,

American Postal Workers Union

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