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In a Needed Step to Improve Service, Postal Management to Slow Down Consolidations


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In a Needed Step to Improve Service, Postal Management to Slow Down Consolidations

In response to union, community, and political pressure, Postmaster General (PMG) DeJoy, in a letter to Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), has agreed to pause, at least until January 2025, a number of the planned mail consolidations that are part of the “network modernization” changes currently underway. (Read the letter here.) PMG DeJoy’s response was in answer to a letter of concern by a bipartisan group of 26 Senators. (Read the Senators’ letter here.)

“From the very beginning of these plans, the APWU leadership has advocated that management needs to slow down to ensure that the rights of the workers are upheld and respected and that planned changes must improve service,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “While we acknowledge the need for change in light of changing technology, changes in the mailing habits of the people, and to the mail mix, the network changes have thus far been implemented in a chaotic and detrimental way. Slowing down the process and commitments to improve service are welcome and needed steps.”

The letter also commits to not moving forward with any consolidation plans without advising Congress, as well as to moderate the pace of any planned changes.

The APWU has initiated a detailed information request to obtain the full and accurate list of consolidations that will be put on hold as well as any potential impact on excessing of employees from one facility to another.

“I commend all throughout our union ranks, our community allies and many friends in Congress who have made and will continue to make their voices heard loud and clear – there must be no short cuts when it comes to service,” shared Dimondstein.

The APWU will share more information as it is received from the USPS.

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