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APWU 133

APWU Statement on Charleston WV Plant changes.

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"American Postal Workers Union Local 133 was informed this morning, by local media outlets, the USPS has finalized its plan to transfer outgoing mail processing operations to Pittsburgh, PA and Warrendale PA.  While it is to no surprise the regurgitated language specified in this release seems to be positive, postal employees across the United States know otherwise.  The 10-year Delivering for America Plan is failing you the customer.  Recent OIG reports show Texas, Virginia, Georgia and Missouri are all facing backlogs and delays with transportation and mail processing.  These reports show mail sitting in trailers for up to two months and financial costs far exceeding the original operational plan before its change.  These reports are far from the promised streamlined processing and delivery you have been promised by the service.  We want to let our customers and union members know; President Brown and I will continue fighting this consolidation to the fullest extent our contractual provisions allow.  We request that members of the public continue to contact their Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen in opposition to this now planned change."  
Tim Holstein
Vice President
APWU Local 133
Charleston, WV 
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