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Subject: Update on employee's Direct Deposit


Union Family,


I received an update on the issue with employee’s direct deposit. See below. However, I reiterate that everyone should go change their password and make sure they are using the appropriate website which is: LiteBlue (usps.gov)


Do not share your information with anyone! Including members of your family, friends, etc.


Here is the message received from Vice-President of Labor Relations Tom Blum:




VP Heather Dyer and the Inspection Service have confirmed Postal Service employees are often unknowingly providing their usernames and passwords to criminal websites, while attempting to access PostalEase.


Employees are using Google and attempting to access PostalEase; however, Google in-turn has been redirecting them to criminally run websites that mirror the look and access of PostalEase.


VP Dyer and the Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) are working with the Postal Inspection Service and drafting letters to the impacted group of approximately 119 employees, while also preparing a second letter addressed to all postal employees.  Both drafts are currently under review by the Privacy Office and Law Department.


We have received reports representations have been made at the district level confirming Postal Inspectors are contacting impacted employees, as well as employees who may have unknowingly been compromised, and requesting their EINs and passwords.


Please note . . . Postal Inspectors have not contacted postal employees and requested their EINs and/or passwords. (Emphasis added by Charlie Cash)


If you know of any financially impacted employees, please have them immediately contact the Eagan ASC Helpdesk at 866-974-2733.  Staff members are available to assist.


If you become aware of any employee experiencing access issues to PostalEase, please recommend they immediately contact 877-477-3273 to request assistance.


VP Dyer, the CISCO Team and the Postal Inspection Service continue working around-the-clock to enhance the security of PostalEase.


We will provide you with any additional information ASAP.





Thank you and remember—stay safe, wear your mask!

Charlie Cash

Industrial Relations Director

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

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