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  2. The U.S. House approved a plan to provide tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and corporations on Thursday by a vote of 227-205. If H.R.1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, becomes law, the deficit will explode by more than $1.4 trillion and automatic spending cuts will kick in. For starters, there will be a $25 billion cut from Medicare, and more from Medicaid. In addition, eliminating the medical expense deduction will make it harder for families with high medical expenses, many of whom are seniors, to make ends meet. View the full article
  3. Web News Article #: 112-2017 On Nov. 8, APWU Des Moines Area Local and the Des Moines BMC Local (Iowa) held an informational picket in front of the downtown processing and distribution center to send a resounding message to postal management: Postal Workers Want First-Class Service for the People! View the full article
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  5. Veterans' Day

    Web News Article #: 111-2017 The APWU joins the nation in honoring all those who served. View the full article
  6. Web News Article #: 110-2017 Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg issued an award on November 7, 2017 stating, "The work of installing the APPS systems was not bargaining unit work. Hence, the Postal Service did not violate Article 32.1.A or Article 32.1.B in allowing Lockheed to perform that work, rather than assigning it to Maintenance Craft employees." In rejecting the Union’s Article 32 dispute, the Arbitrator held that the Postal Service had shown the existence of a consistent past practice of contracting out the initial installation of newly-manufactured mail processing equipment. He concluded, therefore, that the initial installation of newly-created mail processing equipment is not bargaining unit work. View the full article
  7. Web News Article #: 108-2017 Last week, the House Republicans released their tax bill titled, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. “Working families should not be used as piggy banks to enrich big business, big banks and billionaires.” said President Mark Dimondstein. "It is not designed to create jobs with a living wage and good benefits, but to enrich the corporate elite and the billionaire class," said Legislative and Politcal Director Judy Beard. View the full article
  8. Web News Article #: 108-2017 The Electronic Technician, level 11 (ET-11) LMOU was completed and signed on Nov. 2, 2017. View the full article
  9. Pay Increase Coming Nov. 25

    Web News Article #: 107-2017 The third general wage increase under the 2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement will be effective Nov. 25, 2017. This wage increase will be reflected in the paycheck workers will receive on Dec.15, 2017.Career employees will receive a pay raise of 1.3 percent. View the full article
  10. Open Season is Here

    (This article first appeared in the November December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) By Health Plan Director John Marcotte Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season is upon us and I am proud to report that the APWU Health Plan is bucking the trend of ever increasing premiums by offering extremely small premium increases of less than a dollar for most plans and premium decreases for some. View the full article
  11. The Long Road Home

    (This article first appeared in the November-December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) By Human Relations Director Sue Carney For many survivors of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria the road home will not be easy. Torrential rains, powerful wind gusts of up to 175 mph and storm surges reaching 12.5 feet caused widespread flooding and destruction throughout much of the south and the Caribbean – impacting millions, including more than 100,000 postal employees and an untold number of retirees. View the full article
  12. (This article first appeared in the November-December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) Contrary to the Postal Service’s claims that post offices have less foot traffic than other national retailers, the United States Postal Service is truly the nation’s leader in service. Postal workers assist customers at more than 30,000 retail outlets across the country, which is about as many locations as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined, according to a recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) report. View the full article
  13. Web News Article #: 106-2017 The 24th Biennial National Convention will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 20 – 23, 2018. View the full article
  14. Web News Article #: 105-2017 On Sunday, Oct. 22, the South Shore Annex Post Office – located at 3031 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY – was renamed and dedicated in memory of Leonard “Lenny” Montalto. View the full article
  15. News Service Bulletin #: 07-2017 After the 2018 Contract Campaign Slogan Contest was announced in the middle of August, slogans came pouring into headquarters with over 1,500 members taking action. Concern for the future, unity, respect and support for the union’s general bargaining goals were recurring themes. By the deadline, more than 2,500 entries were received, with some members entering multiple suggestions. Around 1,300 All-Craft Conference (ACC) attendees got a chance to cast a ballot for their favorite pick of the five “finalist” slogans – determined by the National Executive Board. President Dimondstein is pleased to announce the winning slogan is “Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow.” It was submitted by Alfonso McFarlin, Jr., a member of the Houston Area Local Retiree Chapter. View the full article
  16. Web News Article #: 105-2017 After several meetings with the Postal Service, we are happy to inform you that we were able to settle the outstanding issue of using the newly created eWHEP in a BMC environment The Step 4 Settlement dated October 19, 2017 states: View the full article
  17. Web News Article #: 104-2017 President Dimondstein is pleased to announce the winning slogan is “Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow.” It was submitted by Alfonso McFarlin, Jr., a member of the Houston Area Local Retiree Chapter. View the full article
  18. Web News Article #: 103-2017 On Thursday, Oct. 26, the House of Representatives voted to approve the Senate’s budget resolution. With both chambers in agreement, there is now a budget which lays out limits for 2018 federal government spending... “While the APWU successfully defeated attacks on postal worker pay and retirement benefits make no mistake, this is not a good budget,” said President Dimondstein. View the full article
  19. Web News Article #: 102-2017 On Oct. 8, wildfires ignited in northern California, setting in motion state-wide disaster relief. Over 11,000 firefighter and other emergency workers were mobilized across the state to contain the flames. These wildfires are predicted to be one of the worst disasters in the state’s history. More than 75,000 people have been evacuated. At least 42 people are dead, with another 60 missing. More than 217,000 acres have been engulfed in the fires. Members of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) have been tirelessly fighting the flames. View the full article
  20. Web News Article #: 101-2017 On October 18, APWU Boston Metro Area Local – along with other APWU members, allies and activists – took to the streets to demand management fill New England Area postal vacancies. Ignoring these vacancies leads to slow mail processing, delayed mail delivery, poor customer service and hinders dependable public service around New England. View the full article
  21. Web News Article #: 99-2017 Each year, Veterans' Day is celebrated on Nov. 11. For 2017, the holiday falls on a Saturday. There has been some confusion about when the Postal Service will observe the holiday because it has a six “business” day week. For clarification, USPS Retail and Delivery will be closed on Saturday, November 11, 2017. It will be business as usual on Friday, November 10, 2017. View the full article
  22. HEADLINES: 2018 Social Security COLA will be 2.0%: Not Enough to Offset Medicare Part B Premiums; House Slashes Medicare to Fund Children’s Health Insurance Program; President Trump Signs Health Care Executive Order, Ends Affordable Care Act Subsidies; CNN: Investigation Finds Drug May Be Inappropriately Prescribed Pill to Nursing Home Residents; Nebraska Alliance Elects Officers, Wisconsin Alliance Draws Gubernatorial Candidates. View the full article
  23. Web News Article #: 98-2017 This year, the December period begins December 2, 2017 (Pay Period 25-17- Week 2) and ends December 29, 2017 (Pay Period 01-18 - Week 1). View the full article
  24. Web News Article #: 97-2017 On Thursday, Oct. 5, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to advance its 2018 budget resolution... "The budget fight is far from over," said Legislative & Political Director Judy Beard. View the full article
  25. Web News Article #: 96-2017 As the first female executive officer in APWU history, Liz Powell was recognized for her consistent support, education and guidance in increasing representation of workers in communities in state and local unions. View the full article
  26. Web News Article #: 95-2017 When disaster strikes, workers can be counted on to show up and help out in times of need. When the call came in the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, it was no different – our union family stepped up to support our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico. View the full article
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